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Eid Al Adha

It is Eid again, a time to celebrate! Eid means festivity or celebration in Arabic. Eid Al Adha means the Festival of the Sacrifice. It is an Islamic festivity observed by Muslims around the world, which commemorates the willingness of Prophet Ibrahim/Abraham (Peace Be Upon Him) to follow God’s command to sacrifice his son. Eid Al-Adha also marks the end of the Hajj which means pilgrimage.

Hajj is Muslims annual pilgrimage to the Holy city of Mecca, and the fifth pillar of Islam. All Muslims who are physically and financially able have to perform this pillar at least once in their lifetime. Millions of Muslims from different parts of the world travel to the Islam’s Holiest city of Mecca to visit the Kaa’ba. The Kaa’ba is the first house of worship ever built by the first mankind, Prophet Adam (PBUH), which was rebuilt by Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) and his son.

2245464943_8b056de8d2_bThe Hajj is a ritual that commemorates the trials and tribulations of Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) and his family, during which pilgrims follow their footsteps. It is perceived as a journey of the body, mind and soul. A time for spiritual connection, asking for forgiveness, a reflection of one’s life and a remembrance of mortality and the Day of Judgment. Hajj takes place during the month of Dhul Hijjah, the last month of the Islamic Lunar Calendar. It officially starts on the 8th of Dhul Hijjah and lasts for five days.

During Hajj all Muslims are equal and united regardless of colour, ethnicity, gender, language or status. This is reflected by the pilgrim’s dress, which is aimed to show equality and modesty. Men wear two pieces of unstitched white cloth, while women wear simple long and loose garments covering their body showing only their face and hands, therefore not reflecting any wealth.

During the first day of Eid Al Adha Festivities, Muslims dress in new clothes and go to the Mosque for the congregational Eid prayer in the morning. Afterwards they go to the slaughterhouse where the sacrifice is made to commemorate Prophet Ibrahim’s (PBUH) example of obedience. The meat of the slaughtered sheep is divided into three, a third for the poor, a third to friends and neighbours and a third for the family’s consumption. The rest of the day is spent visiting family, friends and neighbours, gathering to share meals and gifts. The three days of Eid are a time of celebration, generosity and joy.

It is a courtesy to greet your Muslim friend or neighbour by saying Eid Mubarak, which means Blessed Eid.

To understand more about Islam’s 5 pillars you can join our guided visit to the Jumeirah Mosque during the Eid or anytime throughout the year.




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Students Celebrate UAE National Day at the “Treasures of the UAE” Art Competition 2014

As a part of the 42nd National Day Celebrations, the SMCCU held its second annual “Treasures of the UAE” Art Competition 2013 Awards Ceremony in the the historic Al Fahidi District of Dubai.  Young artists between the ages of 7- 18 years were asked to submit original current art work depicting one of the historic sites across the UAE. 61 schools participated,  and submitted up to 12 artworks divided by age group. Our Judges this year from the Emirates Fine Arts Society, reviewed 283 submissions and chose 24 winners whose artwork is now featured in the Treasures of the UAE 2014 Calendar.

The awards ceremony was attended by the winning artists and their families along with school representatives, judges, and sponsors. Our generous sponsors this year, Nestle, Wild Wadi, Pepsico, and Jones, Lang LaSalle helped to make this year’s competition a success.  We would also like to thank all of those who  participated including volunteers, support staff team, Lucy, Debbie, Caroline, Yvette, Jess & Joyce. Together, we further our joint aim of highlighting the rich history and humble beginnings of this great nation we all call home.  The SMCCU is keen to raise awareness through many such events about the local culture, traditions and religion of the UAE. As a part of the celebrations, 120+ guests were treated to an Emirati cultural meal and explanation of the traditions surrounding food and honoring guests.  The meal was followed by a visit to the historic Diwan Mosque, where our Managing Director, Nasif Kayed, explained the significance of the mosque in the daily lives of Emiratis and muslims worldwide.

One of our visitors had this to say about the event:

Just a small note to express my gratitude for a  time well spent  this morning at the ‘treasures of the UAE ‘ presentation ceremony.

Although I am a regular visitor to Bastakhiya as an architect and a keen amateur photographer , it is the first time I visited SMCCU at the invitation of my brother as my nephew was one of the prize recipients.

I was impressed by the general courtesy ,hospitality and the friendliness of everybody from the top man to the servers! Enjoyed the meal and the explanation of the culture and customs that came along with it. The English explanations of the youngsters were flawless and everything was conducted with passion and in keeping with the motto – ‘open doors, open minds!’

Organizations such as yours are the answer to the current world in turmoil –  that brings cultures and beliefs together , endorsing ,- that understanding  and respect for each other are of prime importance for peace in humanity.

Thank you and wish you every success to opening doors and minds effectively and prolifically !!

Antonio Dias, Gems Modern School

View the Winning Artwork or our Participants Booklet

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DUBAI Gets EXPO 2020

The SMCCU would like to congratulate Dubai,  and all of those who participated in showcasing this great city to the world; including  the UAE’s President and Vice President, HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Razshid Al Maktoum respectively, Dubai’s EXPO2020 committee and its leadership, the  judging committee, participating companies, businesses, citizens and expats alike who supported our bid to host the 2020 Expo.

Dubai’s theme Connecting Minds, Creating the Future, lies at the heart of who Dubai is. It is not a new story, but a continuing story, of a village in the desert, at a crossroads connecting peoples and cultures, exchanging not limited to material goods but ideas, cultures and philosophies. From the first Bedouin tribes to arrive in the region, to our recent migration of people from all over the globe who truly call Dubai home, our city is,  through its visionary leadership a portrait of  what the future can be in this region.

We congratulate the UAE on its accomplishments thus far, but as HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum expressed, this is just the beginning of our goals as a city, country and people. It is not a task to be performed alone, and we know that our global partners and individuals will play a pivotal role in making this happen. It is our joint task to fulfill the vision, mission and path before us, to be an example to the world by connecting minds in advancing technology for global trade, sustainability with environmental awareness and preservation of both the tangible and intangible: the heritage and culture of the people, and new and creative innovation that encourages and provides a path to economic development in the region.

With these themes in mind we hope for a focused, progressive path to an Expo that showcases Dubai as a pinnacle of our global world and well able to shape not only its own future but  a better future of all.



November 27, 2013 · 4:31 pm

SMCCU Training Young Emiratis to Carry the Torch

SMCCU welcomes our young generation to join our programmes and be part of our Culture Awareness Academy,  where they can  learn about our own culture, history, traditions, and the faith Islam and how to convey this information accurately to others. Our aim is to equip the young generation with the knowledge and the skills needed to keep up with the rapid growth of the UAE and the place that it holds in the modern, technology advanced world.

It is without a doubt not easy for our youth who are born and raised in the UAE.  Living in a multi-cultural city, they are asked questions  by so many from all over the world.    To be equipped to demystify, explain and represent our culture to the world can be daunting,  especially when  the  worldwide media gives a mostly negative point of you, and of course ignores the positive. That’s why  SMCCU is the perfect venue, where you can come, meet, learn, practice and build your knowledge, self-esteem, and  become confident with knowledge  of our heritage, history, past and faith.  So join us, you will without a doubt gain something immeasurable.

As to our guests(Expats) and visiting tourists, we are glad to have you come ask any question you have in mind, let us learn about one another; we learn from your culture as you learn from ours as we exchange our talks in the most open way under the “Open doors. Open minds” banner.  Hope to see you soon; login and book anytime.  http://www.cultures.ae/index.php?Itemid=710


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