Free Concert in Zabeel Park Amphitheater March 27th

Press Release
On March 27, 2015 there will be a free concert held in Zabeel Park Amphitheater where thousands of young women and men are expected to gather in Dubai to send a message of tolerance to the world.

Organized under the patronage of Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Centre for Cultural Understanding, “Salam Aleikum” is a non-profit initiative aiming at mobilizing the youth for tolerance while celebrating togetherness and harmony.

Conceived as a musical dialogue between artists from different cultures and influences, “Salam Aleikum” will gather musicians and performers of the region.

The Venue: Zabeel Park Amphitheater, access Gate 1 or 2, door open at 6pm, show starts at 7 pm.?????????????

Hamida Aman – an Afghan-born and UAE-based media entrepreneur – initiated this project.
Having lived in exile most of her life and currently sharing her home between Kabul, Dubai and Paris, Hamida developed over the course of her life a strong sense of togetherness that she felt important to share in these times of great turmoil and confusion.
About the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding
The SMCCU is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to increase awareness and understanding between a multitude of cultures and nationalities represented in the UAE. Operating under the philosophy “Open Doors, Open Minds,” the SMCCU strives to remove barriers between people of different nationalities and raise awareness of the local culture, customs and religion of the UAE.
The artist’s are
• Zain Bhikha – a well-known songwriter & performer from South Africa
• Arabian Knightz, Egypt’s most prominent hip-hop band
• Badiaa Bouhrizi, an indie folk composer and singer from Tunisia
• Amani Yahya, a female Yemeni rapper
• Al Morabba3, an indie rock band from Jordan.
• Malya Saadi, “the Queen of Chaabi” from Algeria
• Delhi Sultanate & Begum X, an Indian dub / reggae band,
that participated in Kabul Peace concert, that Hamida organized in October 2013.

More than just a concert, this event will aim at creating a festival spirit, where people, cultures and arts can meet.

In addition, A VJ will animate the show with a stunning visual performance, mixing Arab street art, calligraphy and geometry, while graffiti and stencil artists will be invited to paint & spray tolerance messages and illustrations on the stage’s background.

Food trucks and stalls will serve Middle-Eastern food / fusion cuisine and beverages around the premises, creating a friendly and festive atmosphere around the event.
MD of SMCCU Nasif Kayed, says “There are many doors open for us to connect and get to know one another. Music is one bridge we can cross to come closer to each other and better connect. Let us enjoy our differences and share our cultures with each other through this initiative. Join us in listening to good music, good lyrics, a good gathering promoting tolerance and peace.”

For more information, please contact:
+971 56 640 96 56
+971 56 413 99 68


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