The Arabian Horse

Pure Breeding Techniques
While the Arabian horses’ exact origins are obscure, it was the Bedouins of the Arabian peninsula, through meticulously line breeding and in-breeding practices that made her the most sought after horse in the history of mankind. First known as a warhorse, the Arabian horse is mentioned as far back as the days of King Solomon. She is brave and steady, fast and resilient. She has a bulging forehead or Jibbah, broad nose and about 14 to 15 hands high. These characteristics are said to have been preserved throughout the centuries.

Breeding Lines
Every pure bred Arabian horse came from three original classifications, the Kehilan, the Seglawi, and Hamdani. Today, these lines are credited with producing the best Thoroughbred horses in the world. Arabian horses were introduced to Europe in the 1730’s. Prior to this it is said that the Arabs rarely parted with a pure Arabian horse, and felt it a duty and an honour to keep the bloodlines pure. “ The Godolphin Arabian horse was imported to England in 1730 as well as The Byerley Turk (1683) and the Darley Arabian (1703). These three “Eastern” stallions formed the foundation upon which a new breed, the Thoroughbred, was to be built. Today 93% of all modern Thoroughbreds can be traced to these three sires.” Arabian Horse Association Issue 29 African Story, Winner of Dubai World Cup Race 2014.United Arab Emirates' Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai Rashid al-Maktoum poses with his horse African Story after winning the Dubai World Cup at Meydan Racecourse in Dubai March 29, 2014.

HH Sheikh Mohammed’s Part in Thoroughbred History
HH Sheikh Mohammed’s Godolphin Stables have won Group One races in 12 countries. His love of the Arabian horse began at the age of 9, and he has continued to be instrumental in development, growth and success of Godolphin Stables. In the early 1990’s he made what was thought of at the time as a bold move in bringing several horses from the then famed stable in England to Dubai. His decision proved itself with many winning Group One horses, included the Sheikh’s personal favourite, Dubai Millennium who won 9 of his ten starts and the Dubai World Cup in 2000.


In 2012, Monterosso,  from Godolphin Racing won at the Dubai’s famed race the World Cup.  In 2014, Godolphin Racing produced another winner, African Story ridden by famed jocky Sylvestre D’Sousa.  This year, the World Cup will be held on March 28th and it will also be celebrating its 20th year.



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