Organisations Worldwide Join the SMCCU Cultural Awareness Programmes

SMCCU continues its mission to enhance the cultural understanding between the many ranges of society that resides in the UAE. This year, we have delivered a good bit of cultural induction programmes to companies utilizing our services on a regular basis for their new staff as well as enhancing their seasoned staff. The aim is to create a forum and training environment to discuss and learn about the many aspects of living and working in the UAE.  When staff arrive, they may feel a bit out of sorts. Our programmes’ goal is to not only put them at ease in their new working environment, but to give the knowledge and the skills to adapt more quickly and seamlessly, creating an effective team of employees well aware of the all aspects of their multi-cultural environment.

Last month, we saw many private schools at our centre, helping  new and returning teachers to get to know the families and cultural of their students, to enable them to work more cohesively with one another,  and with their students from around the globe.

We believe our programmes have contributed a great deal to those whom have joined,  and we encourage  all of you to check out what we have on offer.

Last but not least we  have an ongoing programme to further the country’s goals towards Emiratization; helping both Emiratis and Expats alike better integrate together. The focus with Emirati staff is a business ethics workshop that will help them know there responsibilities, commitments and the demands of the new work place;  leading to much better productivity for the entire team,  and cohesiveness between all.

cultural exchanges

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