SMCCU Training Young Emiratis to Carry the Torch

SMCCU welcomes our young generation to join our programmes and be part of our Culture Awareness Academy,  where they can  learn about our own culture, history, traditions, and the faith Islam and how to convey this information accurately to others. Our aim is to equip the young generation with the knowledge and the skills needed to keep up with the rapid growth of the UAE and the place that it holds in the modern, technology advanced world.

It is without a doubt not easy for our youth who are born and raised in the UAE.  Living in a multi-cultural city, they are asked questions  by so many from all over the world.    To be equipped to demystify, explain and represent our culture to the world can be daunting,  especially when  the  worldwide media gives a mostly negative point of you, and of course ignores the positive. That’s why  SMCCU is the perfect venue, where you can come, meet, learn, practice and build your knowledge, self-esteem, and  become confident with knowledge  of our heritage, history, past and faith.  So join us, you will without a doubt gain something immeasurable.

As to our guests(Expats) and visiting tourists, we are glad to have you come ask any question you have in mind, let us learn about one another; we learn from your culture as you learn from ours as we exchange our talks in the most open way under the “Open doors. Open minds” banner.  Hope to see you soon; login and book anytime.


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