Youth from All Over the Globe Visit SMCCU

The SMCCU has received 21 Universities from all over the globe in the first third of 2013 and has become a must visit and first stop for many educational institutions coming to Dubai. Students attend our programmes  to get a firsthand look at the traditions and culture of the people of the UAE through our well established programmes which include  Cultural Meals, Masjid Visits, and Heritage  Tours of the Al Fahidi Historic District. The area, which houses the centre  is unique and represents the humble beginnings of this nation in an interesting juxtaposition of old and new, with its historic landmarks and more modern galleries.  The centre’s focus is to give visiting universities the opportunity to explore Dubai throughout its diverse history, and leave with an understanding of how the people’s resourcefulness and adaptability to their harsh living environment is unmistakably who the Emirati is and remains to be today.   They value their rich past, and this enables them to retain and embrace their history and traditions, while using their experiences and skills to help catapult their small communities into a now burgeoning metropolis.  Topics range from Arab history, Arabic culture,  basic precepts of the Islamic faith and how they effect the economic, social, political, and religious standards and foundation of this region.  The sessions as always start with the motto, ” Open Doors. Open Minds.” and students are free to ask any question on their mind with our promise to answer in a frank, open and honest way. . The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming, and therefore students leave with a sense of having a truly authentic and enlightening experience.

From North American visitors included Boston University, California State University, Kogod School of Business, University of Maryland, Kenan Flagler (UNC), Duke University,West Virginia University, Robert H Smith School of Business, Harvard College, and Pacific Lutheran University. From Europe and Asia visitors included, Thunderbird School of Global Management, Utrecht University School of Law, The University of Utrecht School of Economics, Hogeschool Rotterdam, NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences, Universite Nice Sophia Antipolis, Vrije Universiteit and University of Groningen, Leiden Law School, Bocconi  University, Heinrich-Heine University.

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