SMCCU Milestones: 11 Events Held on March 26th

The SMCCU as it continues to expand its programmes and offerings, recently held 11 separate events in one day, the beginning of another milestone for the centre, now in its 15th year. The day began with 106 students from Gems World Academy, who were hosted in two groups at the Heritage House in historic old Dubai.  Their programme included an authentic Emirati Breakfast followed by a Cultural Walk and visit inside the Diwan Mosque. At the same time, the centre’s traditional wind tower house was occupied by Undertakers Incentives for a cultural lunch followed by a walk round the historic district. Another group of volunteers hosted our public guests throughout the day who attended various activities including historic walks around the Al Fahidi District and a cultural lunch and dinner event. In the afternoon we received guests from the  Dubai Judicial Institute, who were hosting a group of US students studying law and governing in the UAE.  Their visit included a lunch and cultural tour of the traditional village along the Dubai Creek.   The SMCCU is keen to meet the needs of the community and forward its mission of providing an open platform for all individuals wishing to experience local culture in Dubai.

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