6 Year Old Student Reminds us Why Dubai is so Unique

This week the SMCCU had the pleasure of hosting a group of 11 and 6 year old students visiting from a private school in China. The school included the SMCCU as one of its stops to introduce the children to cultures and people from all over the world. During the cultural lunch children were encouraged to ask questions on anything they liked.  A young child, no more than 6 asked, “…..we are from China and we all look the same, why do all of you (pointing to our newest summer intern from Zayed University, and a couple of new volunteers from Sharjah University) have many different colored skins but you are all Emirati?”  After an initial laugh, we talked about the tribes who migrated to this region 100’s of years ago, and how through trade people from different lands settled in this region and became a part of the fabric of the society.  As a volunteer at the centre myself since 2009, this question not only amazed me as it came from a 6 year old, but also sparked a moment of reflection for what this country has established and its ideals, that date back far before Dubai was on the map. Dubai is a bouquet of nationalities, and this concept of hospitality, welcoming and unity through common values, religion, and yes traditions is a symbol of what a civilisation can accomplish through tolerance and openness.

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