Zayed University Job Fair Attracts Young Emiratis

The SMCCU participated in the Zayed University Job Fair this week.  Current volunteers and interns welcomed interested young Emiratis to look at SMCCU for future careers, training and volunteering for our cause.  The centre’s focus is to not only educate expats and visitors about the culture and tradition of the people of the Emirates, but to train young Emiratis as ambassadors and representatives of the UAE. The programme includes buiding their knowledge of the past, as well as providing them with full training in public speaking and presenting. Our Cultural Awareness Academy helps give the participants practical experience in public speaking, improving their effectiveness, polishing their delivery and preparing them for whatever career path they later choose.  Of course, successful participants in the programme are welcome to become a permanent part of  the SMCCU, and there are full,  part-time, volunteer and freelance opportunities available. If you are looking for an exciting and rewarding place to kick start your carreer, you may fill out an application online at .  Visit us in the Bastakiya or join one of the many events going on in the centre weekly.  Last year more than 41,500 visitors participated in SMCCU programmes.

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