US Congressional Delegation Visit SMCCU

The Director of Congressional Affairs for the UAE Embassy in Washington, DC along with the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs, co-hosted several congressional members from the United States with us on a traditional Heritage Tour of the Bastakiya and Mosque.  The tour was followed by dates and arabic coffee, prepared with Yemeni beans, ground and boiled with saffron and cardomon seed.  Our General Manager and staff spoke about the culture, traditions and religion of the people of the UAE in an effort to promote cultural understanding on a global platform. We would like to thank our guests and co-hosts of the event.  A interesting fact raised by one of our staff: Did you know that the Supreme Court North and South Halls are decorated with friezes (a  long stretch of paintedsculpted or even calligraphic decoration in such a position on a wall, normally above eye-level) depicting some of the greatest lawgivers of all time, from Moses and Solomon to Confucious and yes,  Mohammed (pbuh)? While depicting of any of the prophets is not acceptable in Islam, the fact remains that these Friezes were meant to embody the concept of  justice, human rights and a recognition of the contributions of religious icons in the creation of common law.


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