Lecture Series in Partnership with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Ramadan Festival and Dubai Sports World

 Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry is organising a Ramadan Festival for all members of the community at Dubai World Trade Centre, from August 1st to 31st. There will also be a special lecture series hosted for the Dubai Chamber of Commerce in partnership with SMCCU.  The event titled “Understanding Ramadan” will be held August 16th and “Sawm, One of the Pillars” will be held on August 17th. Both hour long Lectures will begin at 9:30pm.

The month-long Dubai Chamber Ramadan Festival will run alongside Dubai Sports World, a new indoor sporting initiative which encourages children and young people to play sports, and will offer Suhour business networking opportunities, religious activities as well as sporting and charity events.

The Dubai Chamber Ramadan Festival has been organised in collaboration with Duplays, Ignite Fitness, the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding, Adopt a Camp and Nucleus Healthcare Consultants.

It will be held in the interconnected halls of the Dubai World Trade Centre arena and Sheikh Saeed Halls. Almost 25,000 square metres of space have been dedicated to for a Ramadan Tent, Corporate Majlis, indoor football and rugby pitches, basketball courts, a fitness gym, gaming zones and entertainment facilities.

The Dubai Chamber Ramadan Festival will also host a number of group exercise classes for people of all ages and fitness levels, including fitness boot camps and yoga sessions. A series of lectures about health and nutrition, as well as religious talks about understanding Ramadan and the objectives of fasting are planned during the month-long schedule of activities.  To sign-up for these lectures, please emaildania.keilani@dubaichamber.com

For more information visit their website at  http://www.dubaichamber.com/news/dubai-chamber-organises-month-long-festival-to-celebrate-ramadan.


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