San Jose School Of Journalism Dubai Visit the Centre

By Samantha Robinson from

A traditional Emirate meal hosted by the Sk Mohammed Culutral Centre.

After walking through Old Dubai, we had the opportunity to dine at the Sk Mohammed Cultural Centre.This center is run by a non-profit organization that aims to reenact a traditional Emirate meal and promote cultural understanding between the UAE and visitors. We were able to ask questions about the Emirate culture and feast on a variety of fish, rice and an interesting dish made of whipped chicken with vegetables. We sat on pillows surrounding the buffet of food. We also had Arabic coffee and dates as we were informed of the Emirate etiquette and the origin of their cuisine.

During the meal, we were able to ask questions that led to information on the Emirate food, clothing, religion, and daily life. It was interesting to know that they only fill their coffee cups two sips at a time, which is to prevent discomfort from holding a hot cup. Another interesting fact I learned was that their “brown rice” isn’t actually brown rice; it is white rice that is colored from the brown sugar used to sweeten the dish.

Overall, the meal was an informative yet delicious part of our day.


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